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Philippine Beauty Insights: Blending Tradition with Modern Trends

The charming Philippine beauty makes Filipinos the center of attention whenever appearing. They won the crown in the Miss Universe Competition, showcasing the impressive elegance and allure to the world. Nowadays, with the growth of social media platforms, we are mesmerized by the beauty of these Filipina celebs. To have that outstanding appearance, Filipino girls have experienced many changes in beauty standards through the decades, but they still expect to maintain the traditional features. 
So, our today’s story: the great blend of traditional and modern beauty trends in the Philippines. Are you ready to explore the next part?

Slenderness: Sculpting elegance in figure

People change their mindset about Philippine beauty gradually when time flies. The body shape standard is not an exception. While in the past, Filipinos regarded the full and voluminous physique as appealing and beautiful, women now make efforts to have a lime and slender body. This trend started in 2015 and it remains popular among Filipino girls. Or I should say this is a global trend when everyone adopts a healthy diet, take regular exercise to stay in shape nowadays. In the Philippines, many people follow their strict eating habits to achieve slenderness.

Sun-kissed beauty: Tanned tone skin

Let’s explore the history of skin tone in this chapter. In the past, fair skin was highly appreciated in the Philippines. The pearly white skin was believed to enhance their outer presence, making women more confident and glow. However, people have changed a lot in their insight into the beauty. They emphasize strongly other new criteria. Completely different from the earlier, they want to possess diverse skin tones besides the fair ones. 

Most Filipino females even enjoy sunburn, spending hours outside or lying comfortably on the beach to maintain their radiant and sexy golden-brown sheen. Have you ever tried this idea before? All skin hues in the Philippines (fair, tanned, or brown) are glamour by their uniqueness. And every skin shade is celebrated in this country. 

Gleaming smile with pearly white teeth

White teeth are a god-gifted accessory of Filipino girls. Their radiant smile is well-known in the world and most beauty enthusiasts wish to have it. So, the white teeth became a Philipines beauty insight in the early years and still be perceived as an essential element of their beauty standard. To have a perfect smile, Philippines girls avoid smoking and using too much coffee. They don’t have to actively whiten it, but still take care regularly by using quality toothpaste and frequently have dental check-ups.

A glimpse of captivating: gorgeous eyes

Let’s explore the charming eyes of the Philipines with me. That’s a critical part of making that enchanting Philippine beauty. Their almond-shaped, expressive eyes are the same as sparkling stars in space, leaving an unforgettable impression on the opposite person. The eyes are not only one’s soul’s windows, but they are also the pride and hallmark of Filipino beauty. About the makeup style, Philippines women use some makeup techniques such as eyeliners and false lashes. In this way, they quickly have more gorgeous eyes. 

Straight or curly? – The shift in hair trends. 

You know what? The previous beauty standard of Filipinos assumes that having a sleek, shiny hairstyle is like wearing a crown of glory. It’s not just about hair; it’s a symbol of being tidy, well-management, and exuding grace. They invested time to find the best hair-caring products to achieve that long, silky, straight-haired look. Now, you understand why the Philippines beauty market manufactures many hair products and treatments that are widely used around the globe. Have you ever used their shampoo or conditioner before?

Up till now, straight hair in the Philippines remains very trendy, but there’s a growing embrace of curls, waves, and various other fashionable styles. People focus more on maintaining healthy and well-cared hair rather than trying to break the natural texture for a sleek hairstyle.

A straight nose shape is widely loved

Yes, we have all known that beauty standards vary, and there isn’t a universal nose shape. However, many women in the Philippines desire a nose with higher bridges. The Filipinos don’t hesitate to undergo nose surgeries to enhance their attractiveness. Ah, have you ever heard about the runway nose? It is also an ideal option for somebody wanting to be outstanding. I’m gonna tell you a running joke in the Philippines that someone can only be truly considered cute if you mention their nose. 
It’s just a joke, so don’t take it so seriously my friends. We all understand that every girl is shining her way.

Physical feature: How to be attractive?

Small feet: In historic Philippine beauty, dainty and small feet were associated with femininity. Many women in the Philippines choose to wear smaller shoes to align with these beauty standards, as petite feet are deemed lovely and sexy.

Long leg: Slender legs have perpetually symbolized grace and allure in Filipino’s insight, not only in the Philippines but other countries. Many ladies even consider height-boosting shoes or heels to boost their leg’s length.

This beauty insight gradually shifts throughout the years. They start to accept diverse body types, be it curvy, athletic, or petite. Their concentration has shifted to health, confidence, and self-love.

The traditional and modern beauty standards are both vital to creating an elegant Philippine beauty today. After many decades, these trends have changed a lot. Fair skin was their favorite tone, but now they appreciate many others. While straight hair was a symbol of beauty many years ago, now Filipino women try numerous hairstyles unless they like it. The most significant alternative that they choose is to flaunt their natural beauty. They focus more on authenticity and prioritize their true self over conforming to a predetermined beauty standard.

Therefore, remember to love yourself. Mika Ella sends a daily reminder to you: “You’re the most beautiful version in the world”

See ya again in the next blog!

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